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work notes

Continuing on the subject of notes, I have 3 notebooks at work for work notes filled random lists of “to-dos”, instructions, reminders, etc.  I decided to go through each notebook to see if I could combine it all into just one notebook.  Turns out I can, easily.  Like a lot of my old school notes, a lot of what I wrote is now obsolete.

My clutter at work is already minimal, especially compared to my apartment.  But I still want to pair things down to only the essentials.

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“To Do” Inbox

For the longest time, I used this basket to capture all the things that I needed to work on:

I was happy that all my work was corralled in one designated space but I didn’t like how I had to go through the basket multiple times a day to make sure I took care of everything that was urgent/needed to be finished today.  Not to mention it wasn’t that aesthetically pleasing.

So I finally decided to do something about it!  Last week I went to The Container Store and picked up three of these for about $10 each:

And now my “To Do” inbox looks like this!

Huge improvement right?!  And since I’ve recently discovered that labeling things does in fact free up my mind for other more important/creative things, I labeled each tray according to when the task needed to be completed:

I am extremely happy with the results!  This $30 investment is totally worth all the mental energy it saves me on a daily basis.  It also contributes to that modern, streamline, lightweight look I’ve been slowly trying to incorporate into my surroundings.  I wonder what everyone else’s inbox looks like…