Los Angeles


I didn’t go to a single UCLA football game as an undergrad so I was really excited when we decided to go a game together for Jess’s birthday (and tailgate beforehand).

We went to the UCLA vs. Stanford game at the Rose Bowl this past Saturday and man… was it was HOT that day (96 degrees)!  None of us thought to bring a canopy but we got really lucky.  The group next to us had a canopy that cast a large enough shadow for all of us to sit under.

After a few hours of eating hot dogs + chips and visiting other people’s tailgate parties, we headed into the stadium.  It was a fantastic game except for the fact that we were ahead the entire time and then lost in the last 30 seconds.  Like Sam said, “it’s like Friday Night Lights…for Stanford.”

Oh well… at least we had fun.  In fact, we had so much fun that we might make this an annual thing.