My two favorite boys…

baby announcement 1
{My two favorite boys are both September babies!}

I haven’t posted publicly in a while but I’ve been blogging privately almost every week for about 4 months now.

In January, I found out I was pregnant! Even though we had been actively trying for a few months, it was still a bit of a surprise because I took a pregnancy test a few days before my missed period and it was negative. So when I took it again a week later, I really wasn’t expecting to see double lines.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant today and finally announced the news on social media. Quite a few people knew already because we found out the gender at 11 weeks from the results of the NIPT and passed out cake pops revealing the baby’s gender to our family, friends and coworkers when I was 14 weeks pregnant.

To be honest, we actually preferred a girl and experienced gender disappointment when we first found out we were having a boy. But it didn’t take very long for us get over it. After hearing his strong heartbeat and seeing him move around and kick at my 12 week ultrasound, any remaining feelings of disappointment were replaced with feelings of gratitude – gratitude for being pregnant, for having a pretty smooth pregnancy and for having a healthy baby.

And now, I’m actually feeling pretty excited about having a boy (so many of my friends are also having boys this year!) and daydream about how cute and crazy it will be raising a mini version of James :).

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