kitchen remodel

Before we closed escrow on our condo, we already started planning the remodel. We knew everything in the kitchen had to go except the fridge because it looked new and matched the look we were going for: white, grey and modern.

The white cabinets and grey counter tops were an easy decision. But we went back and forth on if we should use quartz, granite or real marble. We ended up choosing quartz because it was hard to find a grey granite that we liked and real marble stains and yellows too easily. We didn’t know what kind of mosaic we wanted but as soon as we saw the one we chose, we knew it was the right one. It has marble and pale mint glass, which surprised no one considering our wedding colors were mint & grey.

In addition to replacing all the cabinets and counter tops, we also moved the placement of the fridge and pantry. By moving the pantry to where the microwave and stove used to be and keeping the space where the pantry used to be open, it made that corner look much bigger. We’ll eventually add a built in breakfast nook bench.

All the under cabinet lighting was installed by James. Even though it was his first time, he did an awesome job :)!

What transformed the space the most was removing the doors and widening the entryway to the dining room and removing the blocks on the ceiling that was covering the HVAC vent. We had our contractor shorten the vent  and move the opening so that only one wall needed the block. With the entry way wider and the ceilings higher, our kitchen looked twice as big as it did when we started.

Here are some more before and after photos of the space:



Sources: cabinets & counter-tops by Fullerton Cabinet // mosaic by Choice Granite // dishwasher // range // range hood by Superco // pendant lights // drawer pulls // faucet // all photos were taken by my husband, James


4 thoughts on “kitchen remodel

    1. Thank you Hannah for your sweet comment :)! The floors are just black and ivory tiles that were gifted from my dad. He flips a lot of homes so he happened to have some extra tiles in storage. To be honest, I’m not sure what epoxy is but we didn’t do anything special to the tiles after they were installed so hopefully that answers your question!


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