our new condo

{Day 1 of renovations]

It’s been a quiet few months on this blog because I’ve been busy renovating the new condo James and I bought at the end of last year. It’s 1,800 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms located near Century City. You can actually see my work building from the balcony!

Renovations began right before Christmas and ended last week.

We still have a few things to take care of (fixing windows that won’t shut, replacing a rusted doorknob, getting some of the doors sanded and repainted, etc.) but for the most part, it’s done and will be move in ready soon.

Now, we just have to find a suitable tenant.

We bought this place with the intention of moving in eventually – maybe when we have a kid or two. But right now, we’re perfectly happy living in our 480 sq. ft. (rented) studio. Not to mention, the overhead cost of our new condo is twice our rent so we’ll be saving a lot more money staying put ;).


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