zero waste

coffee routine

{photo credit: Trish Hamilton / Today}

My daily morning coffee at work used to be a waste producing routine.  I would pour the pot of coffee into a paper cup, add 3 of those individually packaged creamers, add 2 packets of sugar and then stir it all up with a disposable plastic straw.

Although my coffee routine now isn’t completely zero waste, it is a lot less wasteful than it used to be.  Instead of a paper cup, I use a ceramic cup.  I bought a half gallon of Silk’s Very Vanilla Soymilk and use that as both my cream and sugar, since it’s sweet.  And instead of stirring everything with a plastic straw, I use a silver spoon (or fork, or knife, depending on what’s easier to grab that morning) and then rinse it right away.

I’ve been doing this for a several months now but even just counting how much trash I kept out of the landfill in just one month (~21 working days) keeps me motivated to continue swapping disposables for reusable alternatives whenever I can:

  • 21 plastic straws
  • 21 paper cups (with plastic lining)
  • 42 packets of sugar
  • 63 plastic creamers

Total = 147 pieces of trash!

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