one year anniversary in the Bahamas

{view from our hotel room}
{view from our hotel room}

For our one year anniversary, we decided to celebrate by taking a short trip to the Bahamas.  To keep things simple, we chose to stay at an all-inclusive resort: Sandals Royal Bahamian.

It was our first time staying at a Sandals resort and we were really happy with our decision.  They run like a well-oiled machine.  After we landed, we went to the Sandals booth inside the airport and they knew exactly who we were.  Within minutes, we were on the complimentary shuttle that took us to the hotel.  When we checked in, they upgraded us to an ocean-view room for free, where a bottle of red wine and cheese & fruit platter was waiting for us along with a personalized note.  All the services they provided were on time: the ferry that took you to and from the private island, the different classes and activities they held, the shuttles, etc.  The staff was very efficient and friendly, always saying “hi” when you walked by and most of them do a great job of remembering your name!

One of the best things about Sandals (besides the unlimited food & drinks, of course!) is that they provide all sorts of equipment for you to use for free.  The only ones we had time to take advantage of were paddleboarding and sailing.  We were planning to snorkel but the day we wanted to go ended up being too windy so they weren’t renting out any snorkels for safety reasons.  I believe kayaks and hydro-bikes were also available to guests.

You also have the option of signing up for off-site excursions at the hotel, which is really convenient, especially if you didn’t have time to book anything in advance or wanted to wait and see what the weather was like and what you were in the mood for that day.  Excursions are with third-parties so they will be an additional cost.  Since we didn’t want to spend too much money, we only did one excursion: snorkeling with Stuart Cove’s, where we got to snorkel with tropical fishes and reef sharks!  (Warning: if you decide to buy fish food to feed the fish, you might get bitten like I did!)  We were extremely satisfied with this excursion, especially for the price.  It was $91 per person, while swimming with dolphins was $240 per person and swimming with pigs was $400 per person!

So, if you’re considering taking a tropical vacation soon, I highly recommended checking out the Bahamas and staying at the Sandals resort!  We definitely plan on coming back and staying a couple days longer next time.


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