zero waste

plastic bags banned in California

Prop 67 passed on Tuesday, which means, effective immediately, stores will no longer provide single-use plastic carry-out bags to customers.

After reading this article, I learned that this proposition was actually paid for by the plastic bag industry to serve as a distraction.  Plastic bags were already supposed to be banned back in January 2015, but the plastic bag industry wanted Californians to vote on this issue before the law became effective.  The reason behind this was two-fold.  One, they bought themselves another 2 years of selling plastic bags.  Two, they hoped that Californians wouldn’t pay much attention to this issue and that most people would default to voting “no”.

I can’t even remember the last time I took a plastic bag from the grocery store (or even a retail store).  I almost always have a reusable bag with me.  And the few times I do forget to bring my own bag, I will pay $0.10 for a paper bag or just carry the items out loosely.

Even though the ban on plastic bags doesn’t affect me all that much directly, I am so happy that it passed because I know a lot of Californians wouldn’t change their habits otherwise.


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