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junk mail – credit card offers

I absolutely hate getting credit card offers (and all other types of junk mail for that matter).  Junk mail is what makes checking the mail a tedious task for me.  Think about it, if every piece of mail you received was something important like a postcard from a long-distance friend or a wedding invitation, wouldn’t checking the mail be so much more fun?  I think my special distaste for credit card offers comes from the fact that it promotes our nation’s consumer debt problem.  Plus, they’re hard to rip up thanks to the cardboard insert and/or fake card they put in it so I have to go through the extra effort of opening it first and then and ripping up/shredding the individual pages.

Since I’m the one who sorts the mail for not only our home, but also my mom’s, I get to comb through credit card offers for all three of us.  As I went through the mail this past weekend, I decided that instead of complaining like I usually do, I was finally going to take action and do some research on how to get rid of these pre-approved cards once and for all.

Enter Opt-Out Prescreen.  I signed all three of us up for the “permanently opt-out” option.  It’s kind of annoying how they make you sign and mail the form in.  But if that means none of us will receive another credit card offer ever again, then the extra effort is totally worth it.

If you’re interested in reducing your junk mail, here’s a great resource.

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