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yoga + brunch

{yoga @ the Santa Monica Pier}

This past Saturday, I woke up around 8:15am to get ready for a 9am yoga class at the Santa Monica Pier.  Shaina and I decided to take the metro instead of drive (we’re both only a 5 minute walk away from the same metro station!) since it would take about the same amount of time if you account for parking.  We arrived about 20 minutes late to class so we sat in the very back.  I’m kind of glad though because I’m terrible at yoga.

Sometime between downward dog and warrior II, I thought to myself, “How amazing is this?  I’m taking a free yoga class above the ocean with some of my closest friends.  Life is good.”

{breakfast burrito + avocado toast + Sweet Summer Squash Pancakes}
{iced moca + breakfast burrito + avocado toast + Sweet Summer Squash Pancakes}

After yoga, we went to eat at Bondi Harvest for Christine’s birthday brunch.  We shared everything family style and agreed that the Sweet Summer Squash Pancakes were the best!

Once brunch was over, Christine dropped Shaina and I off at the metro station closest to her apartment and we rode the metro the rest of the way home.  It was a quintessential Saturday morning in Los Angeles.  Instead of sleeping in on the weekends, I hope to take more advantage of the perks this city has to offer.

{Christine + Shaina + me}
{Christine + Shaina + me}

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