bungee jumping at Bridge to Nowhere

It was last minute decision.

After a 5 mile hike to the bridge and sitting through a 30 minute lesson with 40 people learning how to jump off the platform properly, I started to think…maybe I should do it today.

I didn’t know when my next opportunity to bungee jump would be and I really didn’t care to do this hike a third time just to bungee jump.  Plus, I was already there and my friends were going to do it with or without me.

So I paid, got weighed in and spent the next two hours waiting…and waiting…and waiting till it was my weight group’s turn to line up.  (One of the few drawbacks of being in the “lightest” group – you get to go last.)

When they finally called our group, I jumped in line as fast as I could and was second in line to go.  It wasn’t until I climbed over the bridge and stepped onto the platform when my nerves started to kick in.

“Wow, I’m going to be falling for a realllyyy long time…..”


The instructors don’t really give you much time to think…or talk yourself out of it.

The actual bungee jump was a blur.  I think I blacked out for a second because I really don’t remember anything that I saw.  Was I close to any rocks or trees?  How far from the ground was I before I started to bounce back up?

Luckily, I had James’ GoPro attached to my helmet so hopefully that’ll give me some answers.

{after a few bounces, I regained consciousness and remembered to strike a pose for the camera ;)}
{before we started the hike}
{before we started the hike}
{towards the end of our hike; don’t let the smiles fool you… we were all hot, sweaty and anxious to get to the car at this point}

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