birthday celebration part 1 – dinner at The Ivy

I think this year was the first time I intentionally did multiple small birthday celebrations instead of one large one.  As we get older, I feel like small birthday get-togethers just work out better for everyone.  Besides, even when I did large birthday dinners in the past, people just separated into their own cliques anyway :).

My birthday week started with dinner on Monday at The Ivy with Cat, Shaina & Christine.

Here’s what we ordered:

Duck Prosciutto, Baby Arugula and Parmigiano Reggiano – I thought this dish was surprisingly good but no one else seemed to be a fan.

Penne Pasta – was expensive for being just an OK dish

Homemade Wild Maine Lobster Ravioli – everyone’s favorite!  Only problem is that it only comes with 5 pieces of ravioli.  Still, it was so good that all of us agreed, instead of the penne, we would’ve rather paid a little more for a second plate of this.

Ricky’s Fried Chicken (Jidori Natural) – not bad but I wouldn’t order it again unless we were doing family style and needed an extra dish

Some other pros:

  • everyone gets a free glass of champagne
  • beautiful patio seating with fresh flowers and market lights
  • complimentary cookies for each guest to take home




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