less poo

I used to shampoo my hair every single day.  It wasn’t until college or maybe even post-college when I heard that shampooing your hair so often wasn’t good for your scalp.  Actually, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure my mom warned me about this when I was younger.  But who takes their mom’s healthcare advice seriously in middle school :)?

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to shampoo less for years now but haven’t been able to do so consistently.  I couldn’t stand how my hair/scalp would feel when I skipped a day of shampooing.  But since I’ve been on a good habit-building kick lately, I recently gave it another try and finally succeeded!

I started with shampooing my hair every other day.  On the days I didn’t shampoo, I would still wet and condition my hair.  Yes, my scalp would feel a bit greasy, but I knew it would take time for scalp to adjust and get used to producing less oil.  To help the situation a bit, I used this dry shampoo.

After a week or two of this, my scalp stopped feeling as greasy so I started shampooing every two days.  And now, I shampoo only twice a week.  The results?  My hair feels healthier and is easier to manage than before.  I hope to eventually get it down to just once a week!

One thought on “less poo

  1. I love your blog and this post resonates with me!! I’m also doing less poo. I got it to every 3 days but would love to make it to 4. My hair is shorter and so I figured that maybe why it gets oily faster. I also found out I don’t like my hair freshly shampooed. It gets so puffy (not in a good way) and the winter air gets to it faster (hello static). I’m wanting to experiment with cleansing conditioner. For the 3rd/4th day and shampoo once a week. After the holidays I’ll go for it.


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