the weekend


James and I pretty much spent the whole weekend hanging out with our parents.

On Saturday we barbecued at my mom’s.  None of us are avid barbecuers and it’s been years since my mom’s grill has been used.  So it took us a while to clean out the dust and cobwebs.  Thankfully, that thing still worked even after sitting neglected in the backyard for so long.

Inspired by my Palm Springs’ trip with the girls, I put together some kabobs while James worked on grilling the steak and corn.  I also whipped up some guac.  Even though the whole ordeal was quite tiring and some of the food was cold by the time we sat down to eat, it was overall a success and most importantly, mom was happy :).

On Sunday we went to my dad’s new house to set-up my new room and have tea and dinner there with my in-laws.  As I unpacked all my old stuff, I was shocked by how much junk there was – blankets that were ripped and stained, elementary school projects that were broken or falling apart, old tutoring booklets, etc.  I was tempted to throw everything away but when I casually mentioned to my dad that I wanted to donate most of my old stuffed animals, he said “you should just keep it…”.  It reminded me of my mom’s reaction when I tried to get rid of stuff at her house and I didn’t want a repeat of that.  So I’m just going to get rid of all the old items slowly as a replace them with new items.


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