vegan & cruelty free products

Ever since I started watching Christine’s videos, I’ve been extremely motivated to swap out all my current make-up and skincare products for vegan & cruelty free ones.  Here are a few that I’ve swapped so far:


The first vegan product I tried was this mascara from 100% Pure.  (I was previously using this one from Too Faced)  I really wanted to like the 100% Pure mascara because it smells delicious but unfortunately, it doesn’t make my lashes look that much thicker or longer.  I might give their other mascara a try next or just go back to the Too Faced one.  I found out that later that the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is actually vegan & cruelty free and that one made my lashes look amazing.

Shower Gel

The next vegan product I tried was this shower gel also from 100% pure.  I love this product!  It smells and feels delicious.  It also has great ingredients – the first ingredient in this shower gel is organic aloe (not water, like most other shower gels).  My only complaint about this product is that it’s expensive – $19 for 8 ounces!

Eyeshadow Primer

Another vegan product I’ve been using is this eyeshadow primer from Mineral Fusion.  I used to use this one from Urban Decay.  Honestly, the Mineral Fusion primer works just fine but there’s nothing particularly amazing about it.  The packaging is just ok and it doesn’t apply as smoothly as the Urban Decay one or the Too Faced one I also used to use.  It kind of feels like you’re putting on sunscreen on your eyelid.  But because it’s vegan and cruelty free, I will keep using it until I find a better replacement.

Sidenote:  Urban Decay and Too Faced are both cruelty free companies at this time but only some of their products are vegan.

Other vegan & cruelty free products I want to try soon:

This lipstick from 100% Pure to replace this one from Dior.

This face cream with SFP to replace this one from Clinique.

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