DIY gift – home is where the <3 is


Seven months ago I went to a Secret Santa gift exchange that I do with my UCLA girlfriends every year.  Since I was still recovering from wedding planning, honeymooning and getting back into the swing of things at work, I showed up to the exchange without the DIY portion of my gift.  Everyone was required to bring one purchased gift and one DIY gift to add a little creativity and surprise to the whole process since the purchased gift was pretty much always something from our Elfster wishlist ;).

At first I didn’t think it was a big deal that I didn’t have a DIY gift… I mean c’mon, that was the busiest season of my life, ever.  Surely, the girls would understand, right?  But when I saw that everyone else had brought a DIY gift, I felt a little bit guilty.  And when I realized that the girl I was a Secret Santa for, also happened to be my Secret Santa, I felt really guilty.  And THEN, when I saw how awesome, thoughtful and personal her DIY gift for me was, I knew I had to return the favor… eventually.

Which brings me to this past weekend.  Our group went on our annual Palms Springs trip (I love how we have so many annual traditions!) and I was able to complete the gift in time to give it to her then.  She loved it, which made me happy because it’s my best DIY yet!

Now I have to give credit where credit is due… I didn’t make the gift without any help.  Maybe that disqualifies it as DIY?!  Oh well… My talented friend Cat helped me with the calligraphy and my husband printed the maps for me.  I also got the inspiration from here.

Some other details about the gift:

The frame was $10 from Marshalls.  I chose the city San Diego because that’s her hometown, Los Angeles because that’s where she went to college and where we met, and Fresno because that’s where she is now for grad school.


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