zero waste

airplane cups

Have you ever noticed how many plastic cups are used on a single flight?

If it wasn’t for my new interest in zero waste, I don’t think I would’ve ever noticed (or cared, to be honest).

On my flight to Taiwan two weeks ago, I was keenly aware of how many plastic cups were being offered to us during our 13 hour flight.  I accepted my first plastic cup of water without even thinking (ohhh how easy it is to revert back to old habits).  When the flight attendant came by with a second cup of water, I held up my water bottle and asked if she could refill my bottle instead.  She said she could but I’d have wait a few minutes since she had to finish serving everyone else before running off to the kitchen to fill my bottle.  “No problem”, I said.  Before I had a chance to even react, she set the second plastic cup of water on my tray and jetted off.  I guess she figured I still wanted a cup of water in the meantime.

Once I got my bottle filled, I didn’t use another plastic cup for the remainder of the flight.  Each time I ran out of water, I’d simply walk to the kitchen and ask a nearby flight attendant if she could fill it for me.  I eventually got James on board after he went through three plastic cups of his own.

We used the same method on our flight home.  The only exception we made was using a plastic cup for drinking non-water beverages like soda and juice.  We did, however, hold onto our cups the entire flight, asking the flight attendants to refill our cups each time instead of handing us a new one.

Hey, every little bit counts.

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