zero waste

zero waste

Zero waste is my latest obsession.

It all started when my favorite blogger recommended this podcast.  The guest speaker in that episode introduced me to 2 well known zero waste advocates: Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer.

I’ve watched Bea Johnson’s talk at Google at least a dozen times already:

Before I heard about zero waste, I was only focused on reducing my use of the bad kind of plastic (i.e. the plastics made from materials that are hard to recycle and harmful to our health).

Now, I’m trying to reduce my overall use of plastic and the amount of trash I produce.

A couple steps I’ve taken so far include:

  • No longer putting trash into my personal trashcan at work.  Even when the trashcan is less than halfway full, the whole trash bag gets tossed and replaced.  I know the cleaning crew is just doing their job and I’m sure if they didn’t take out the trash every day, there would be a lot of angry employees complaining.  But after noticing how wasteful this practice was, I started to collect my trash in the corner of my desk and tossing it into the kitchen trashcan whenever I walk by.  That trashcan is always full.  By developing this habit, one less trash bag gets tossed into the landfill each day.
  • Bringing my water bottle with me whenever I eat out at restaurants that only have paper cups.  Paper cups are not nearly as recyclable as everyone thinks they are because they still have a plastic lining on the inside.
  • And as of last night, I started bringing silverware with me to restaurants that only have plastic utensils.

I still have a long way to go before I am truly living a zero waste lifestyle.  But one baby step at a time.


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