love letters, gone

I mentioned before that I wanted to get rid of all my “love letters” in an epic way.

This probably doesn’t count as epic, but I recently set a goal for myself: throw all my letters from old boyfriends away so that I can leave a voicemail tip on The Minimalists’ podcast and reference this process as an example.

A about a month after I set that goal, I heard this episode, and decided it was finally time to take the plunge.

I ripped up all the letters, drafted what I was going to say, rehearsed it a few times, and then called their number.  Once I heard the “beep,” I got nervous and hung up.  After rehearsing what I was going to say one more time, I called back and followed through.

Over the next few weeks, I eagerly waited to see if my voicemail would get selected and featured in one of their episodes.  (If you get selected, you get an autographed copy of one of their books!)  They didn’t play my voicemail in their next episode.  Or the one after that.  Or the one after that.  Just when I started to think that my voicemail was passed over, I heard my voice in this episode.  It was exciting and surreal.

Now all my old love letters are gone and I’ll be getting a free book I’ve been wanting to read.  Win Win :).

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