decluttering junk mail

When I checked the mail this weekend, I saw 2 magazines that I’ve been getting quite regularly for at least 6 months now.  I didn’t subscribe to either of these magazines.  After careful inspection of the mailing label, I learned that one of them was subscribed on my behalf by my car dealership (huh?) and the other one was subscribed on my behalf by a third party, or something.  Anyway, for the past 6 months or so, I’d recycle these magazines immediately since I don’t enjoy spending time reading magazines anymore.  But after reading this, I was inspired to do something different this time.  I decided to stop this nonsense once and for all and actually call the magazine companies to ask them to take me off their mailing list.  It only took about 5 minutes of my lunch break to call and cancel both subscriptions.  I regret not doing this sooner and saving more trees.

Next up on the chopping block: credit card pre-approval letters and catalogs.


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