Erin Boyle

{me + Erin}

Last week, I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers.  She lives in New York but was in LA for the weekend and had an event in Venice Friday evening at a local store.

Normally, I would hate going to an event where I don’t know anyone by myself, especially if that event is on a Friday night (traffic is the worst Friday nights!).  But I was committed.  She is my favorite blogger, after all, and this could be my one chance to meet her.

When I turned onto Abbot Kinney, I realized it was also First Fridays so the streets were especially packed.  I got lucky with parking and made it to the event only 10 minutes after it had started.  I could’ve talked to her as soon as I walked in.  But I got nervous so I started walking around the store, pretending to shop and shooting her a few not so subtle side glances.  After about 10 minutes of wandering around, I finally gathered up enough courage to introduce myself and a pleasant 15 minute or so conversation ensued.  She turned out to be even nicer than I expected.

When I left the event, I regretted not being more prepared.  I wish I showed up with some thoughtful questions to ask her.  But what I did end up doing was sending her an email a few days later, thanking her for visiting LA and sharing just a few ways she’s made a positive impact on my life.  My email was sweetly acknowledged and I’m an even more devoted fan.

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