my week

This week was a pretty good week in the sense that nothing went wrong.  In fact, a lot of things went well – I had two great client meetings, another client meeting was postponed, which freed up a whole afternoon, I worked out most evenings, I got to catch up with some friends over dinner and coffee and I had some good, quality time with James.


This week was challenging for me in terms of contentment.  I couldn’t help but dream of a day when I can either work from home or at least work remotely part-time.  I felt envious of bloggers who spend their time working from their (beautiful) home offices or coffee shops.

So, in hopes of combating some of those feelings.  Here are some things I am grateful for:

  1. business cards – I finally got business cards for the first time ever.  Feeling like a legit professional :).
  2. apartment gym – Having a gym in our building has made it easy to work out almost every night.  Having a buddy to work out with too has also been really great.
  3. The Lobster – We spontaneously went to The Lobster in Santa Monica for date night.  Even though we spent more money on dinner than we had planned to, it was nice trying a new restaurant for a change.
  4. Mrs. Beasley’s – A big basket of Mrs. Beasley’s pastries was delivered to our office yesterday as a “Thank You” for being their favorite customer.  I bet they say that to all their customers ;).
  5. new house slippers – I wanted to buy fancy UGG ones but at $100 a pair, the husband vetoed that decision.  I’m glad he did though because I found a really cute, comfortable, soft, sturdy pair at T.J.Maxx last weekend for $10.  Husband approved!

Some other random things:

This is true, especially for me.

I was just thinking about how to reduce plastic in this area.  Bought 3 pairs and I’m excited to test them out soon!



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