blogs and their influence on me

As I continue to declutter, I’m starting to notice a number of items that were purchased (or requested and subsequently received as gifts) thanks to organizing and lifestyle bloggers who’ve successfully convinced me that my life would be so. much. better. if I had this or that item in my posession.  Here are some examples:

  • Domino: The Book of Decorating – The most popular coffee table book for organizing and lifestyle bloggers.  I put this book on my wishlist and received it as a Christmas gift one year.  I’ve never read it and I probably never will.
  • The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well – I also put this book on my wishlist and received it for my birthday one year.  Again, never read it and probably never will.
  • Label maker – I used to follow this popular organizing blogger and she uses a label maker all the time.  I received the same one she uses as a birthday gift over 2 years ago and never opened it.  Turns out, there aren’t that many folders to label when you have very little paperwork to keep track of.
  • Laminator – I used this once and will probably never use it again.  The same organizing blogger with the label maker used a laminator to make bigger labels for bigger items.  Again, not necessary when you don’t keep a lot of stuff around.
  • This “jewelry holder” – I would say almost all the lifestyle bloggers I followed had this item, which isn’t surprising because they all looooveeee Anthropologie with an intense passion.  I bought one a few years ago and it is now sitting in my room at my mom’s house holding one tiny pair of earrings.  I could’ve done without it.

As much as I want to blame these bloggers for so many of the unnecessary items in my home, I really only have myself to blame because I am responsible for what I expose myself to.  So, I’ve removed pretty much all organizing and lifestyle blogs from my WordPress Reader and have slowly replaced them with minimalism blogs.  That way, I’ll be constantly reminded of how I can live with less instead of how I should be acquiring more.

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