It seems I’ve hit a bit of a decluttering plateau.  I look around my room and there just isn’t much “junk” anymore, at least not in the obvious sense.  I can no longer fill up a donation bag for Goodwill as easily as I used to because most of what’s left is either sentimental or valuable enough to at least attempt selling.

One thing I started doing recently is giving away my “non-junk” to people who would put it to better use or at least appreciate it more than I do.  For instance, I have a coworker who loves to cook and is always printing out new recipes to try.  So for her birthday, I gave her my autographed Wolfgang Puck cookbook that I got a few years ago at an event at Spago10391645_658688261344_934633_nEven though the cookbook still brings me fond memories of that evening (and it’s also kind of cool having a signed copy), I’ve never actually used it and probably never will.  But donating it feels like I wouldn’t be doing it justice.  So giving it to my coworker was, really, the perfect way to part ways with it.

Of course, I also bought my coworker a small gift to accompany the book just because I always feel a little guilty gifting something I didn’t specifically buy for the recipient ;).


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