saying no to useful things (that require additional work)

This is the time of year when our office starts receiving gift baskets, chocolates and all kinds of goodies.  Yesterday, we received a box of edible goods from a fund manager.  I was much more interested in the box that it came in than the goods themselves.  The box was made of wood, had a cover you could slide off and it was the perfect size for storing things like cords and small electronics, which is what I planned on using it for.  It wasn’t until I brought the box to my desk and carefully examined the insides when I noticed that one of the corners wasn’t nailed properly.  At first, I was going to take it home anyway and just set aside an evening or weekend afternoon to fix it.  But then I realized that’s my fantasy self talking.  My real self would probably leave it in my car or garage unfixed for months on end until I finally got tired of seeing it.  That’s when it would get tossed into the recycle bin.  So after my quick self-evaluation, I put the box back where I found it and didn’t look back.


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