selling online

My 2 latest obsessions are eBay and Amazon Trade-In.

So far the only thing I’ve sold on eBay is clothes – 18 (soon to be 19) items of clothing to be exact.  Since I’m new at this and most of the clothes I’m selling have been worn a number of times, I’m selling everything for a really really low price ($3-$10 per item).  Even though I am not making a ton of money from my sales, I am getting rid of a ton of clutter.  The money is really just a bonus.

For heavier things like books, movies and DVDs, I’ve been using Amazon Trade-In.  I love how they pay for shipping!  Just the other day I sold back about a dozen of old textbooks.  I can only imagine how much it would’ve cost me if I had to pay for shipping myself.  I probably would have ended up losing money since they were all thick hardcovers.  I used to hesitate selling my textbooks because I would think, “I could use them as reference.”  But then I realized that textbooks, especially finance textbooks, become outdated FAST.  Contribution limits, tax laws and interest rates change every year or almost every year.  As soon as the 11th edition comes out, my 10th edition would be obsolete.  And worthless.  So better to sell them while they’re worth something, even if it is only $2.  Yes, I’m selling these books for only a fraction of what I bought them for.  But again, making dough isn’t really the point.  The point is to get rid of clutter.  The money is just extra.

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