Since “next month” has arrived, I finally took the plunge and purchased 2 items I’ve been eying forever from Everlane.

My first item was this V-neck t-shirt highly recommend by this lady.

My review: I love the fit and feel of this shirt!  It’s lightweight and thin without being too thin/borderline see-through.  The neckline is low enough to be sexy but not super low where you feel like you need to wear a cami underneath.  I also love how it’s long enough to wear with leggings.

My second item was this dress shirt.

My review: It’s pretty much the most perfect dress shirt ever.  It’s lightweight and comfortable.  (Is that what happens with 100% silk?)  The fit is flattering and you can wear it untucked with slacks or tucked-in with a pencil skirt.  You can also wear it casually with jeans or leggings since it’s long enough in the back to cover most of your booty ;).  I would love to have one in (almost) every color.  And maybe a few of it’s variations (like this and this).


I ended up selling the dress shirt because it stains SO easily!

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