iPhone trade-in

I finally upgraded my iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5 this past weekend.  The iPhone 5 was free since my dad had an extra one he wasn’t using.  My local AT&T store not only helped me switch phones, they also offered to buy my old phone for $50.  A friend mentioned I could’ve sold it for more online, which is true.  But I find selling things online to be a big headache and was happy I could get rid of it right away.  If I didn’t sell it then and there, it’d probably just sit on my desk for months on end.  Sometimes it’s worth not maxing the amount of money you could get for something for convenience sake.


I take back what I said earlier because I just realized that they didn’t give me a “gift card that works like a Visa” like they said they did.  They gave me a promotional card that can ONLY be used at AT&T stores.

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