thoughts when looking for a new roommate

Our newest roommate slept at the apartment for the first time last night.  She seems like a sweet, normal girl.  We got lucky.

While searching for our third roommate, it dawned on me a few times… what if we accidentally let a bad one into the apartment and came home to find our place sacked and valuables missing?  This thought made me daydream about what it would take to make me feel more secure… or at least like I didn’t have much to lose.

1)  a minimalist room… so I know exactly what I have and can tell in an instant if something is missing

2)  all private documents scanned and shredded… so there is nothing laying around that makes me vulnerable to identity theft

3)  renter’s insurance… to cover any valuables that are damaged or missing

4)  photographs of my valuables… to make filing a claim a lot easier

5)  all my sentimental items in one box… because then they’ll (hopefully) only open one box and see that it’s all worthless stuff and leave it relatively untouched, rather than rummaging through several boxes and drawers and tossing my sentimental bits around in the process.


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