decluttering old letters – part 2

Over the long weekend, I found time to tackle some more of my old letters.  I started the process of bundling old “love” letters.  I’m using the word love very loosely here.  The problem with telling every single guy friend you had since middle school that hand-written letters is your most favorite thing in the world is that you end up with a ton of them.  I’m not saying that to brag because honestly, most of it’s gibberish.  I mean once in a while I’ll find a really thoughtful one.  But most of it looks something like this:

“Hey Annie… it’s 10:25am right now and I’m in math class writing you this letter.  The teacher is so boring.  I wonder what I’m going to eat for lunch today… I might get pizza.  Do you like pizza?”

See?  Nothing too exciting, right?

I know I could’ve tossed all those meaningless letters right then and there.  But like I said before, I want to get rid of them all at once in an epic way.


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