decluttering old letters – part 1

I finally started decluttering my old letters this past weekend.  I’ve kept almost every single letter/card/note someone has written me since middle school from birthday cards, Christmas cards, love letters, letter books, snail mail letters and little notes that went into my Morning Glory diary (those of you who grew up in an “aZn” community know exactly what I’m talking about!).

Since I’m sentimental and have a hard time letting go of letters, I started with the easy stuff…tossing old notes from people I barely remember and people I haven’t talked to in over 15 years (and don’t have any intention of reconnecting with).  After skimming through them (most of which were from middle school) before tossing, a couple of things stood out to me:

  • middle school was full of drama; most of the letters were about who liked who, which girl in the group was now “on our bad side” and who was mad at who for sharing their secrets with other people
  • notes were predominately written when we were bored in class
  • if we were to reread what we wrote back then and how we wrote it, we’d either die laughing or die of embarrassment; what we thought was kYoOtE back then doesn’t seem sHo KyOoTe now
  • I’ve been friends with some people for a VERY long time and it’s pretty surreal.  Their notes and letters were saved (of course) and I plan on rereading them together the next time we hang out.  I’m sure we’ll get a kick out of it for reasons mentioned above.

The next category I’ll probably be tackling is cards with very little significance (i.e. a birthday card that says something generic like “Happy Birthday!  Hope you have a good one!”).

The category I definitely want to save for last are old love letters.  I imagine myself tossing them in an epic way… like in a bonfire at my bachlorette party or something.  TBD.

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