zero waste

repair if you can

Repair something if you can…even if it’d cost you less to get a new one.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a shoe repair shop really close to my office.  I brought in my worn out work heels and the shoe man said he could repair it for $12.  Considering the heels cost me $99, it was much more worth it to repair them than to replace them.  However, last week I brought in a pair of heels that only cost me $16.  The cost to repair my $16 heels was $20 since the damage was more severe.  For a moment, I was tempted just to toss the $16 heels since repairing them for more than they were worth seemed silly.  But then I realized that by repairing them, I’d be keeping them out of a landfill for that much longer.  And I wouldn’t be adding to the fast-fashion cycle.

So I went ahead and paid the $20.

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