donation bag

I always keep a donation bag at the floor of my closet.  Having one readily available in my closet at all times has really helped streamline my decluttering process.  Whenever I’m going through my clothes deciding what to wear for the day, I’ll usually spot an item or two that I haven’t worn in over 6 months and honestly don’t really like all that much.  Immediately, I’ll take it off the hanger and throw it in the donation bag.  Once the bag fills up, I put it in my trunk and drop it off the next time I’m near a Goodwill.

When I keep my donation bag somewhere else (or don’t have have one at all) I tend to leave all my unloved items where they are until the next time I intentionally plan a Goodwill trip.  But I realized, why let something I don’t love continue to take up precious space?  Not to mention, I’m a lot more inclined to go to a Goodwill when a full bag of items waiting for donation is sitting in my car.

If you find yourself decluttering less than you’d like, I suggest giving this method a try!

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