My love for magazines started in middle school with J-14, Teen and Tiger Beat.  This was back when Britney Spears, N’Sync and Backstreet Boys were the celebrities rotating on the covers.  Sick days were awesome not because I got to miss school (I actually hated missing school) but because that’s when my parents would buy me 2 or 3 magazines to flip through while I laid sick in bed.

I still remember when this girl in my seventh grade science class, Juliette, I believe her name was, told me that she’d rip out all the pages she didn’t like in her magazines.  I thought that was great idea except for the fact that she’d end up with a bunch of really thin magazines.  So I decided to copy her idea except I’d do the inverse –  rip out only the articles I liked.  I kept them all in protective sleeves inside a binder.

Fifteen years and 5 binders later, I have more articles than I’ll ever have time to reread.  So a few weeks ago, I started filtering through all of them to find the few truly worth keeping.  Unfortunately, this process taking a lot longer than I’d like.  I’ve even contemplated just throwing all of it away without even looking.  But I feel like that’d be such a waste.  Fifteen years of collecting with nothing to show for it.

So, I’m still going to declutter the slow and steady way.  But I’m trying to be as ruthless about it as I can.  If an article doesn’t catch my attention right away or if it’s full of common sense (i.e. breakfast is good for you), it will suffer the same fate as my notes.


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