“still useful” clutter

I have a lot of clutter that is “still useful” – things like paperclips, binder clips, index cards, dry erase markers, etc.  And for the longest time, I couldn’t part with these items because it’s not like it’s an old ice-cream maker or something that I really have a slim chance of using in the next few years.  Some things, like office supplies, can be useful in the next week or two.  But when I really sat down to evaluate how often, and more importantly, how many of each item I would put to use in the near future, it just didn’t make sense to hold onto 50 thumbtacks when I only need maybe 10.

I already gave my dry-erase board and markers to a teacher-friend of mine last weekend and I’m working on corralling all the smaller items together to give away this weekend.  Maybe to a friend currently in school or to the same teacher-friend as last week.

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