I’m a sentimental person so I like to keep all my notes from school.  But I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I will probably never ever reread those notes again.  And if nostalgia were to strike, I would probably reread my old journals and old letters from friends and family before rereading old notes on subjects like chemistry or income tax.  Not to mention, I’ve never been a great note taker so my notes are choppy and the information is probably outdated anyway.  I’m shredding all the pages that I’ve written on and recycling the rest of each notebook.  It stings a little when there are a bunch of blank pages left.  In the past, I’d tell myself that I will reuse my notebooks for something else later.  But the piles of unused notebooks collecting dust have proven otherwise.  So in the recycle bin they all go.  It’s like ripping off a band-aid though… hurts at first, but just for a second.  And then your skin feels like it can breathe again.

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