Nude Pumps

nude pumps

My search for the perfect pair of nude pumps has been an extensive one.  It all started after I laid eyes on these.  Of course, by the time I saw them, they were long off the shelves.  So the hunt began for something similar.

The first time I saw something close was by Chinese Laundry.  But the buckle rubbed against my ankle bone so that I had to send it back.  The second time I saw something similar was a pair by Ivanka Trump.  But the strap didn’t wrap around my ankle.  Because it fit at a weird angle, and (hopefully) not because I have big ankles.

Then, I saw nude sandals from Zara.   Besides the color, it wasn’t what I was looking for but I bought them anyway – a regret I have till this day.

A short while later, I saw a pair of nude pumps by Jessica Simpson at Marshalls.  I bought them without much hesitation (another regret) even though something was off about them.  I realized way later what it was – it was patent leader and I guess don’t like patent leather heels all that much.  Plus, the ankle strap would spin around my ankle because it wasn’t fixed.

So my search continued.  I considered another pair (the brand name escapes me at the moment) but it was kind of pricy and the front of the heel looked a bit long.  I’m glad I didn’t buy them because 1) my coworker bought them shortly after and 2) I finally found a near-perfect pair at Marshalls recently by Nine West (photo above).  It was definitely meant to be because a few weeks before I saw them at Marshalls, I saw them at Ross but they didn’t have my size.  I thought they also didn’t have my size at Marshalls but I found one last pair hidden in a separate section.

Looking back, I think I like my Nine West heels more than heels that I originally wanted because of the color and skinnier heel.

Have you ever searched so extensively for a perfect something before?


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