argan faves


Ever since I saw my colleague using the Josie Maran lip treatment, I wanted one of my own.  But at $18 each, I was hesitant to buy one right away.  I felt like I needed a “good reason” or “special occasion” to get it.  But when I was on the Josie Maran website a few weeks ago, I saw they had a special deal for their Argan Faves.  You get mini sizes of the Pure Argan Oil, Argan Cleansing Oil, Bear Naked make-up remover wipes and a regular size of their lip treatment all for $34.  It was totally worth it for me because:

  • the mini pure argan oil is the perfect amount for weekend/short trips
  • the cleansing oil may be even better than my current face wash (especially since it’s much more organic)
  • I finally got to try the lip treatment

Unfortunately, the lip balm wasn’t as good as I had imagined it to be so I probably won’t be buying it again.  I haven’t tried the Bear Naked wipes yet but regardless of how much I love it, I probably won’t be buying that either since I use so little make-up anyway and I prefer to remove it with face wash.

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