sorting old photos – part 1

This past weekend, I finally started the daunting task of trying to organize all of my old photos – something that’s been on my “to-do” list since forever.  The entire bottom drawer of my dresser is completely filled with boxes and boxes of photos from elementary school all the way to college.  Unfortunately, they are in no particular order so I have to go through every single photo and sort them into very broad categories (elementary school, middle school, gymnastics, etc.) and then go from there.  Originally, I wasn’t going to start this project until I had a good photo scanner.  But I’m so glad I started the sorting process first even without a scanner because I realized (very early on) that I will only need to scan a fraction of the photos I have.  Most of the photos I took aren’t even worth keeping, let alone scanning.  They are either really terrible quality (think disposable camera, with no flash, in the dark) or of people I don’t even know/remember anymore.  The younger I was when I took the picture, the more likely it is that I’m not even in it.  So I have at least a couple dozen pictures of just one person, who I don’t even remember, sitting on the grass or something.


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