Gift Giving Tips

wrapped present
{photo from weheartit.com}


By now, most people have heard about The 5 Love Languages.  My top love language (to give and to receive) is gifts.  Quality time comes in at a close second.  Since finding someone a gift (especially a friend that I’m close with) comes pretty easily to me, I thought I’d share some of my strategies for those who struggle with gift giving.

1) Take Notes

I actually keep a running list of things my friends have mentioned wanting or needing.  I also take notes on their specific likes (i.e. favorite colors, favorite animals, favorite sports teams, etc.).

2) Buy As You Go

I regularly buy gifts for people months in advance.  The reason why this tip is called “buy as you go” and not “buy early” is because I don’t think buying early is entirely necessary.  But if you happen to see something that your friend or family member would really like, I’d say go ahead and buy it now even if their birthday, graduation, wedding, etc. is still a couple of months away.

3) Keep A Small Stash (keyword being small)

I keep a handful of gifts that I know someone will enjoy, eventually.  Sometimes when I’m out shopping, I’ll spot a really unique item or an item that’s usually really expensive but happens to be on sale for a really good price.  Even if I have no one in mind to give it to at the moment, I’ll still buy it and keep it in my closet until a gifting opportunity presents itself.  You have to be careful with this tip though and be very picky about your selection!

4)  Last Resorts

If I really don’t know what a person likes, I’ll resort to buying something fancy and edible like macrons or gourmet cupcakes.  Or I’ll get them a bouquet of flowers and/or some balloons.  Carrying around flowers and balloons always makes a person feel special.


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