CFP Live Review – Part 1

I had part 1 of my CFP Live Review this weekend. That means on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I was in class all day from 8am till 6pm with a one hour lunch break in between.

Some thoughts on my Live Review experience so far:

  • Waking up at 6am was harder each day than the last.
  • Sitting in class for 9 hours a day is way more exhausting than sitting at work for 8 hours a day.
  • The last hour of class goes by slower than the first 4 hours of class.
  • By 5pm each day, the back of my head would hurt, I’d start to feel sick, I’d get all fidgety and for some weird reason, I’d start sweating.
  • Trying to study after the class studying was a lost cause.  My brain was so fried, I could barely even add at that point.  I was better off resting and sleeping early.
  • A lot of my classmates are extremely behind in their studying.  Ideally, we were supposed to done with Volume I and Volume II of our study material by the time we started the Live Review.  I’m on the second half of Volume II so I’m considered behind.  But at least 50% of my classmates either haven’t start Volume I, are in the middle of Volume I, or finished with Volume I but haven’t started Volume II.  I have no idea how they plan on finishing Volume II, plus our Case Study book plus all the practice exams and memorizing all the Flow Lists in the three and a half weeks we have left, especially since finishing one Volume takes a good month of aggressive studying daily.

I’ll be spending next 4 days trying to finish as much of Volume II as possible.  And then Friday morning will be the start of Part 2 – basically a repeat of this weekend.

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