When You Want Something Bad Enough

You’re willing to turn your life upside down for it.

When I was studying back in college or for the LSATs, I thought I made “sacrifices”.  I didn’t go out at every opportunity.  I pulled all-nighters.  And I even spent some of my weekends studying.

But studying for the CFP looks entirely different.

I used to not be able to start studying unless my room was clean and organized.  Now, I’m able to study with my bed unmade, clothes all over the couch, empty water bottles and half eaten plates of old food on my desk, and papers and books sprawled out all over the floor.

I used to not be able to concentrate in my room and would need to go to a coffee shop to get any real work done.  Now, I almost exclusively study in my room to cut down precious study time wasted on commuting.  And surprisingly, I am now able to focus just fine.

I used to spend my weekends running errands with my mom or hanging out with James.  Now, if I’m even lucky enough to make it back to my hometown on the weekend, I “spend time” with them by getting them to find something to work on and sit at Starbucks with me for a few hours.

And (ok, this might be TMI) I used have polished, well-manicured nails.  But now, there’s no need to remove any old nail polish to paint a new color because the old nail polish has all been grown out and clipped off.  Plus, I don’t have time to paint.  I know it’s trivial but I thought it was really telling of how “down-time” (to do things like paint my nails or shave my legs) is a luxury I simply can’t afford these days.  At least I still shower every day.  Almost.

My evening and morning routine often consists of going straight from my desk to my bed at 11pm and then my bed to my desk at 5:30am.  I’m especially excited for this weekend because I have no review class, which means I can finally sleep in (and by sleep in I mean sleep till 9am at the latest) and dedicate the whole weekend to playing catch up!



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