Since I don’t have any friends taking the CFP exam next month, it helps that I’ve made a friend from review class.  We both work in Century City and in the finance industry.  We have the same work hours (8:30am – 5:30pm) and have similar work loads (it’s hard for either of us to study during work hours (I know, we shouldn’t be doing it anyway.) but at least neither of us have to work overtime/bring work home.  We are on the same topic (chapter) and we get similar scores on the practice questions.  She seems like the type of person who is going to pass the exam.  So that gives me a bit of hope.

We started off as accountability partners – texting each other at 5:30am as a wake up call, checking in with one another 15 minutes later to make sure the other one hasn’t just fallen back asleep (I’m usually the one guilty of that); studying together after work either at her office or at her house; and indirectly motivating each other not to fall behind.  I say indirectly because I noticed when one of us is a chapter or two behind the other, the person behind always magically finds the time and energy to catch up.

I love that.

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