Clear Soap Pumps

I read somewhere recently that to get your bathroom and shower feeling more spa-like,  you should put all your shampoos/conditioners/body washes/soaps into clear containers.

This weekend I picked up two clear soap pumps: a glass one for hand soap and a plastic one for shampoo.  Even though glass looks better and is more eco-friendly, I thought plastic was a safer choice for the shower since things can get slippery in there and it would be dangerous to accidentally drop or knock over a glass pump.

So far this one is my favorite and it’s only $10 at Target!

soap pumpI’m so pleased with the results that I’ll be picking up clear pumps and bottles for the rest of my soaps.  No picture was taken because the lighting in my bathroom is even worse than the lighting in my loft!


Here is the article I was referring to.


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