Selling at Consignment Shops

This week I was finally able to find some time to stop by a consignment shop to try and sell my higher-end used items.  This would be my third time attempting to sell at one of these shops.  The first time was at Buffalo Exchange.  They didn’t buy a single item that day.  The second time was also at Buffalo Exchange.  They bought one thing, a jacket which actually belonged to my mom.  This week, I tried selling at Crossroads Trading Co.  They also bought only one item: my Chinese Laundry boots that had been worn once (a total steal for them)!  I paid $80 for them on sale and I got a whopping $9 for it.

Even though I haven’t had that much success selling my stuff at these places, I was still kind of surprised they didn’t take anything else.  I had stuff from Free People, BCBG, Frankie B, Seven and Cathy Jean.  I thought it might have been a fluke so after I finished up with them, I sashayed over to Wasteland to try and sell the remaining stuff I had.  They didn’t buy a single thing.

I felt silly holding onto this pile of stuff for so long (instead of donating them during one of my multiple trips to Goodwill) thinking I could get a small profit from them since they were “name brand” items that cost me a pretty penny to purchase (especially my lightly worn and never worn designer jeans).

Two lessons learned:

1)  Don’t bother trying to resale your stuff to consignment shops unless it’s super convenient for you to do so.  Just donate it to your local charity.  It’s almost always not worth the effort unless it’s a classic like Chanel, Prada, etc.

2)  Be very selective with your purchases and never let yourself think that you can sell it one day for a nice profit if it ends up not working out.

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