less baggage

I spent this past weekend in Palm Springs with a few of my closest girlfriends.  Even though I brought a purse on the trip, the only thing I carried on me all weekend was this wristlet that I received as a gift for my birthday:


In that little pouch I was able to fit: my drivers license, credit card, lip gloss, sunscreen, cash and hotel key.

It was nice having so little to carry and keep track of especially since on average I’m carrying a purse and a tote bag of some sort.  It seems like a lot of women do the same.  They have one purse for their necessities: keys, wallet, cellphone, etc.  And a tote for stuff they can work on if they have some down time: books, bills, journal, etc.  My female colleagues (who also carry 2 bags to work every day) and I were talking about this one day and wondered how men were able to go without any bags.  Besides having larger pockets to carry all their necessities, one of my colleagues made an interesting point when she said, “It’s cause men don’t multitask.”  I don’t think she meant that they don’t do more than one thing at once as much as the fact that they are more focused on the present/what’s in front of them.  I guess that’s kind of true.  I see more women working on personal stuff at work than men.  And when men are on their lunch break, I see them either socializing, running errands or working.  Although women do the same, I also see a lot of them sitting by themselves with a book.  Something I don’t see very often with men.

There is nothing wrong with that of course.  But after experiencing a weekend of feeling so light (literally and figuratively), I feel motivated to carry less baggage with me on a daily basis.  I may not be ready to carry just a wristlet to work every day.  However, I did start leaving my tote (second bag) at home.  I never do quality studying, bible reading or journaling on my lunch break anyway and now I have more incentive to seek out people to eat lunch with.


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