Free Samples

A friend of mine introduced me to this novel idea (or at least novel to me) – asking for free samples of beauty products.

The first time I saw her do it, I think we were at Sephora.  She asked the sales associate if we could have a sample of one of the perfumes.  The sales associate then pulled out a small, plastic perfume dispenser from an inconspicuous drawer and filled it up with our scent of choice.  Since then, I always carry a sample size of my perfume in my bag in case I need some freshening up.

Another time, the same friend was sleeping over at my place when she pulled out a tiny Clinique container filled with one of their eye-creams from her makeup bag.  I asked how she got one in such a small container and she said it was free.  “Just ask them for a sample,” she said.

That tip came in handy when I left my makeup bag at my friend’s place recently.  I tried to go without my daily moisturizer but after 1 day of using a substitute, my face couldn’t take it anymore and I was contemplating buying a new one even though I still had about half of my old one left.  Thankfully I remembered my friend’s advice and stopped by a nearby Macy’s during my lunch break.   I asked them for a sample of my favorite face cream and they gave it to me right way (in the same tiny container my friend had) solving my dilemma for free!  That tip came in handy once again when I got a huge pimple the week of my birthday and needed a concealer.

I really like this handy little lifehack.


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