opportunities to declutter

1)  When your boyfriend moves into a new house.

2)  When your friend becomes a teacher.

These two events have given me a chance to get rid of so many things!  Old construction paper, markers, sharpies, frames, storage cubes…the list goes on and on.

I also have a close friend who recently moved into my apartment.  Anything that she needs, I try to see if I have extras of.  For instance, she was organizing her closet last night and mentioned needing to buy more hangers.  I just so happen to have a bunch of plastic hangers sitting around at my mom’s house since I switched to slimline hangers last year so I offered to bring them for her.  She also just bought a new bed and needed sheets.  My mom has the same size bed so I told her I’d check to see if we had extra sheets she could use.

Even though donating to places like Goodwill feels pretty good, knowing that you have just what your friend needs feels even better.  I’m definitely keeping my eye out for more of these opportunities.


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