makeup bags

Yesterday afternoon I was telling my friend how it’s getting hard for me to declutter because I’m down to stuff that I could use one day even though I’m not using it right now.  She asked, “like what?”  I cited makeup bags as an example.  I have a couple of extra makeup bags that are cute and in good condition.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  I was telling the same friend how I accidentally left my makeup bag at my friend’s house last night and the incident made me think about how I would feel if I had lost the makeup bag.  I said the only thing irreplaceable was the bag itself.  All the contents could be easily replaced.  Some I already have extras of like eyeliner and mascara.  My friend referenced our conversation about makeup bags from yesterday and said it’s probably safe for me to get rid of all my other ones considering how much more I like the one I have now.  I realized, she’s right.  I don’t think I’d miss any of the other ones.  Off to Goodwill they will go!


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