Dollar Solution – Make-Up Divider

A few weeks ago I stopped by Target and found a small white divider (or mini lunch tray according to James) for $1.  I thought it’d be perfect for my make-up drawer, which up until recently only had a paper box to corral all the smaller items:


After organizing the drawer, I noticed how many partially used items that have been neglected for at least a year.  It wouldn’t be sanitary to give them away but it seemed like such a waste to just toss them.  I was about to keep them around for a while longer when I saw this cheat sheet on IHeart Organizing and was reminded of the fact that make-up also has an expiration date.  So if I haven’t used up an item within a certain amount of time, it needs to go for health purposes.  That was the extra push I needed to get rid of the items I had been holding onto “in case I might need it one day.”

The drawer not only looks much better with the divider but now I can also clearly see my make-up inventory:



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